August 26, 2022

Well, hello there! It’s been a VERY busy (non-actory) summer. I’ve been auditioning, but — until recently — hadn’t booked a gig since my work on THE PARENTING (which was amazing and so much fun … even if it *is* a horror film >;-P). But I’ve been busy with family stuff, and though I’ve actually welcomed and really needed the break to focus on that, I am delighted to share that I just wrapped (just today, in fact!) a tiny little part in what I expect is going to be a really lovely film, starring some real giants (cough, cough Tracee Ellis Ross, cough Jeffrey Wright) and written and directed by the very VERY talented Cord Jefferson. It was hard not to fangirl out over all three of those peeps, but I managed to keep it profesh. >;-)

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